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Born in 1947, in 1961 he started working in car battery and electric services

In 1965, he opened his first car electrical repair shop, and then in 1970, he immigrated to Germany for training in car electrical, and started working and training at Bosch. After passing the car electrical course, when the director of the car electrical department of Bosch, Germany noticed his talent, he introduced him to this department to learn and pass the injector pump and fuel system course. Due to his mastery of English and German, he grew significantly, which made the manager of Bosch company introduce him to the representative office of Bosch in Iran, so that a new leaf can be turned in Mohsen's life.

Mohsen Khalili was appointed to the position of director of the central repair shop of Bosch in Iran just 2 years after he returned to Iran.

During the 18 years he was working as a repair shop manager and manager of the training department of Bosch Iran, he went through the steps of promotion one after the other.

In 1989, after leaving the Bosch company as the first manufacturer of injector pump special tools in Iran, he put the production of tools, spare parts and injector pump repair kits on his agenda and started equipping Iranian workshops with his production tools.

In 2013, after 43 years of experience in the field of diesel fueling systems, he started training in this field. Injector unit, Isuzu, Common rail system are among the trainings of Master Khalili in the fueling system of diesel vehicles. Currently, he is still busy training the new generation of his apprentices in this field.